Utah Indie Games Night - November 2014

We had a great Utah Indie Games Night this past Thursday. It was hosted by the EAE department at the U of U. Our turnout was a bit down from our recent events (just under 30 people), but it was still a great evening.

Paige Ashlynn and Beck Pennock of Team Tripleslash started off our evening with a presentation on some things they learned from attending GDC, PAX, IndieCade, and SLC Comic Con. In a nutshell they said attending those events was about meeting people and establishing relationships. Thus attending the dev events before the event and the parties after the event were just as important as the event itself. They also mentioned that PAX and IndieCade would be the best events to attend as an indie as they are the most friendly to indies.

After their presentation we opened the time up to demos, and I actually brought a demo this time. I've been working on a small mobile infinite jumper type game called Jungle Jump. Essentially you are a monkey jumping up onto different platforms. Some are stationary, some move, some disappear after you jump on them once, and some simply break when you hit them. I got some good feedback on it, and I hope to have the game to market by the end of the month.

The other demos I have seen in one form or another prior to this, and the all were shown at Comic Con, so they are looking quite well. Darius was showing his real time strategy space battle game, "Flame Warrior". Looks like he's put a ton of work into it lately. He hope to be done with it by the beginning of next year. Jay showed his latest RPG "Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath". I only got to see if for a bit, but he was showing off his new cleaned up GUI interface. It's looking very nice. Josh was showing his shmup called "Legacy of the Elder Star". I really love the cartoony art and the sword dash mechanic (something very satisfying about that). And lastly Lyle was showing his two player co-op puzzle game called "Together: Aman & Saif". I only got to play it for a moment, but it seemed very solid.

And as usual there were tons of conversations, old friends, and some great moments. Another great evening. I always get pumped to work on my indie projects after this.

Viva la Indie!


vazor said…
Thanks for the writeup! All the games shown were high quality! I also saw Califer Games was there too. :)

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