Utah Indie Games Night - March 2015

We had a great Indie Games Night this past Tuesday evening. It was hosted by Neumont University and we had close to 40 people there so it was a good turnout. It was a good evening.

Our planned speaker fell ill, and Jay Barnson offered to fill in at the last minute, which was extremely nice of him. However we had some technical issues with the projector so we didn’t get to hear his presentation either. So we went straight to demos after that.

I think I missed some demos, but here’s the ones I’m aware of.

Crisis Kingdom
Steve brought in his HTML5 base game jam game that he has polished up in to a full out product now. It’s a multi-player co-op single tablet game where you all are helping to defeat wave after wave of dragons that are threatening your village. You use some crafting mechanics to build up your stockpile of weapons that you can then launch at the dragon one it appears.

Space Goer

Eric brought in his mobile space survival game. It’s sort of like "Crossy Road" in space. You have a ship that fires at a constant rate and you have to move between lanes to avoid enemy ships, though you can stay in a lane and hope your ship’s weapons will take out an enemy before you reach it. The longer you survive, the faster your ship goes and the harder it gets.

Loose Canons
Adam brought in his fun four player, single screen platform brawler. This was a very action packed game with both shooting, punching, and jumping mechanics. The pixel art is great and there were no shortage of people playing this game.

The Chosen Ones
Tyran showed off his roguelike jumper puzzle game. The character in the game will run and jump automatically, and you don’t affect the character directly. You only can place items to help your “chosen one” get from platform to platform, such as blocks to jump off of, fans to help blow the character higher, or ice to help slow him/her down. It’s in it’s early stages but seem like a solid concept.

Mechcommander Remake
Matt showed his Mechcommander remake using the Unreal engine. In this RTS there is no resource building, just immediate battles of equivalent armies. Not being an avid RTS player, Matt had to help me with learning the controls, and I died pretty quickly (as expected), but it looks like his game is coming along nicely.

Flame Warrior
I didn’t get a chance to play the newest build of Darius’ space combat game, but Jay indicated it’s been vastly improved and that it will probably have a name change soon.

As the final part of the evening a number of us had a special meeting to discuss organizing an event that will hopefully help improve our larger game development community here in Utah. Nice to see the gears in motion for it. Can’t really say much more about it as most of it is still very much up in the air at the moment.

It was definitely an awesome evening. Thanks everyone for making it so!

Viva la Indie!

P.S. Jay's writeup of the event is here.


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